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Adventure games are way better and popular games that let you get lost in a story while playing such stunning games. The story usually becomes most interesting when ladies become involved in these games. Hence, adventure games because popular when Nutaku company came into the action and developed so many interesting games for android users! If you’re looking for an adventure game that’s willing to take you on an erotic journey of discovery, then Project QT is your game thanks to its vast array of gaming modes and extensive hidden secrets. This project is brought to us by the creators of Nutaku girls with different membership pricing, so you know it will give you all that an adventure lover needs – and more!

Project Qt Mod Apk 2022

Project QT is a classic simulation android game with a amazing visual novel elements for those who love anime and manga. A few key features of this addicting game are that players can get absorbed in the virtual world like real, play sports and delight in getting rewarded handsomely throughout the game! Looks interesting? Yes it is because Nutaku has now released the latest Project QT Mod Apk and it is celebrating this by holding a contest wherein players can join to win some really amazing prizes without struggling for a moment. With its amazing anime-inspired graphics and great bonuses like being able to share your team with friends while they watch, this lighthearted monster-capturing oddity will definitely keep you entertained for hours at the same time. You can also redeem latest and updated Project QT Gift Codes for additional benefits including free gems, coins and events.

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This game takes play in a parallel world that is more advanced than our world. As a player, you have the unique opportunity to use and train the girls with varying skills sets, as well as different means of attack. If you use these different attacks effectively – and more importantly, in combination with one another. You will be able to achieve results through your girls that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Project QT Hack isn’t available on Google Play since it is the property of Nutaku and that’s why it’s available on the official website. Furthermore, Google Play Store doesn’t support anime-based applications. That’s why Nutaku release all their games directly to the site. This game is loved by many anime game lovers and we know you like to play Project QT. This is why you are looking for Project QT Mod Apk 2022! So here it is. We have updated it just a few days ago. If you click on the download button above, you can easily download Official Project QT APK Mod Unlocked for free!

Project Qt Hack Storyline

There are a group of super heroes in this game who won’t take no for an answer and travel from another planet just to save the Earth from it’s impending doom. As a superhero, players are in charge of creating their very own avatar that can be either male or female. This allows the player, regardless of their gender, to feel as though they’re a part of the game – not on the outside looking in! Players will do everything they can to upgrade their powers and abilities throughout each level while progressing through the game in what’s being called a Rhythm Action Fighting Game genre. And because this is more than just another role playing game we’ll be using most multi-platform gaming engine, which gives us faster access to lots of new material so that in turn means more updates for our gamers! Due to all these awesome upgrades, we’ve created what many are saying is one of the best mobile games ever!

When these kinds of packages are purchased, you’ll get access to unlimited massive storehouse of resources in game that can be used to buy whatever you want and anytime! You’ll be able to get new character upgrades without spending a single penny or gem because with the unlimited gems hack apk for the project qt game gift codes, you will gain an advantage over rest of the players!

Features of Project QT Apk:

You may be familiar with some great adventure games that were released back in 2022 that were known to astound its players. This amazing android game is one of these games. It has some extraordinary features that will engage you on the gameplay. You’ll love these graphical style and overall layout of the game design.

Addictive And Simple Gameplay

The gameplay in this game is so simple and addictive that you might not able to stop when its started. This game will provide you with an adventurous as well as a puzzle-based experience to enhance your brain. There are various girls/ladies that will help you along the way to complete you adventure perfectly without any trouble. Your primary duty is to vanquish the infection from your world by having beautiful girls next to you have fun.

Complete Your Journey with Full Power

Now you can join the same color blocks with each other to form a straight line and earn a high score. Special items in the game gives opportunity to players to play more effectively.

Now Level Up Fast

Enhancing your level in a short period of time is totally based upon the completion of story quests and completing your daily missions which is not a big deal for a normal player. By completing both everyday, you can earn a lot of EXP. Additionally, for more EXP, you can buy points from the Shop using real money – but that’s unnecessary if you just stick to game basics by sweeping levels (focusing solely on your character rather than any opponent) as well as preparing your character for combat. For new players it’s entirely easy to reach Level 30 within just a few days by first focusing on the Beginner Missions which award tasks in exchange for large sums of experience points

Upgrade The Battle Arsenal

There are a plethora of different items that can be utilized in war to help make your characters more powerful. This includes items that allow you to upgrade skills and improve them, along with unlimited use magic abilities. An additional popular ability is unlimited gem usage which serves as a way for you to better enhance the numerous upgrades that utilize gems in this great game.

Upgrade Your Favorite Girl Character

This stunning puzzle game will let you get to do everything from the creators of Despicable Me, comes Minion Rush, one of the most popular mobile games nowadays. You will have three girls to choose from – Stuart, Sandra and Ginger. Each girl has her powers as well her own set of abilities which will amaze you for sure.

Now you can choose which character gets developed which way, an option was added for both in-game shopping and upgrades by a third party! So go ahead and start doing what you love best; customizing the inner workings of your favorite character so she can become strong enough to beat any platforming levels that come her way with ease!

Join Romantic Events And Modes

Player can always use these methods. However, in other modes special events come up where different ways and even new games can be played. These special game modes are accessible to everybody when they join such a contest and play differently than one normally would in order to not get bored of a set way to play a game alone.

Compatible For Avergae Devices

The file size of this game will tell you unequivocally that it is an average game with superb game play for all mobile devices and tablets without hanging/lagging or error. Maybe everyone is worried if the app can be played on low-end phones; thanks to this game, it’s playable smoothly on all types of smaller phones.

Additional Mod Features

In many video games, you can spend real money to purchase additional game features and most of the time, your money won’t buy what you want that usually happen in PUBG Mobile Game. But this game The Project QT hack gives players access to extra features like unlimited diamonds and coins and gems for any mobile device with Android or iOS! With these free extras at your fingertips, it’s time for you to relax and go have fun with your favorite game. Here’s the list of additional benefits from playing this modded version:

Play with your Friends

This game connects you the rest of the world because you can play with friends, battle enemies and team up with your buddies all across the globe. With action packed-mechanics, enjoy fighting and adventure against opponents from all over the world as well.

Create your own map

One great feature of this video game is that you can create the map in whichever way you prefer. The choice is entirely up to the player – after all, it’s your strategy! If you are a first-time player, there are tutorials available that will help you get the basics down and make sure your first few games go smoothly.

Play With Alien Girls

If you’re an alien lover and want to get to know more about them then the Project QT Gold APK is basically free in the market for a limited time. All its characters are alien girls which young teenage girls will want to attach with and learn about some of their lesser-known facts.

Additional Features

Our enemies in this game are weaklings. Not only do we bite them as a vampire for your daily nutrition, but you can recruit them as part of your army when you beat them. It’s entirely up to you what you do with these newly recruited individuals. You can test their mettle and make them part of your crack squad making use of specific skills or talents that they may have, or alternatively the option is yours to either keep another soldier in line by keeping control of them through coercion or to set the new recruit free and thus create an enemy for yourself! Download now to see why Project QT has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store!

No Ads

This latest QT project is totally ads-free. In the original version, you will be constantly bothered by ads, but in this mod version there is no chance of disturbance. Since it was made to enhance your privacy and experience, there are not even any pop-ups or flash ads. You can surf freely around the QT network secure site.

What’s New in Project QT 3.5

project qt hack

The latest version of Project QT has drastically improved its features. The previous versions were packed with a lot of different features, but with every updated release, Nutaku is doing its best to provide what the users want from the game. For example, in the most recent version, you can see that there are many new additions, such as more scenes, outfits and options for both the character and heroine for added variety in gameplay so that more players will enjoy playing it.

App Name Project QT MOD
Category Simulation
Version 13.5, 14.3
Updated On 01/02/2022
Size 75 MB
Developer  Nutaku
System Requirements  Android 5.0 and up

Features of Project QT Latest MOD 14.0

Booty Calls Mod Apk has a lot of features. This mod has some of the same features as Project QT. These are listed below.

Project QT MOD APK Features

  • Unlocked Character
  • One Hit Kill
  • Infinite HP
  • Unlimited Coins and Gems
  • Auto Update
  • GOD Mode
  • High Damage
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Infinite Arena Honor
  • Infinite Challenge Coins
  • God Mode
  • High Damage
  • Auto Win
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Project QT Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

Recent Update

January 4th 2022: Added new Sexual Dating Event – Giselle Sexual Healing. Furthermore, there are 4 different episodes.

  1. Dark Shadows
  2. Detective’s Time
  3. Trap of black magic
  4. Fearless

How To Download It

  • Click on the download Apk button available on the top left side.
  • You will be redirected to the download page. Wait for few seconds and a download link will popup immediately.
  • The download button will appear after few seconds. Click on it. Downloading will start automatically.

How To Install It

  • Open the download folder on your mobile.
  • Then choose the file and click on install.
  • After installation, it will require some logging on to their official page. Then login yourself there.
  • And then enjoy your romantic adventure.

Summing Up

No doubt, Project QT is a powerful simulation game. The developers have designed this game as per the gamer’s need and what they expect out of their fun adventure. Beauty, glamour, and sharpness are basic rules to any great game and play and this makes it thrilling for each player! This game is pleasing and created for players. This application can be used online by net users in order to develop sharp mind by using tactics involved in this game. And, it also stimulates youthful mind which has best graphics. Therefore you need all the players worldwide to play this game, because they will certainly like it. I hope you will like it.

There are many adventurous games out there that we play but sometimes, a change of pace is necessary. We enjoy adventures that take us to exotic places and expand our horizons by allowing us to escape into new worlds or learn something new though, it’s very important that they also include elements of romance along with the puzzles in order to keep things interesting and fun. This is what Project Q encourages you to experience, the journey through life as a mysterious character who has unlocked dangerous secrets but discover more about himself as he becomes entangled in a love story while being pursued by someone hellbent on revenge.


Update cycle is every few months on average.
There's no specific date available from Nutaku for the next update but we will upload immediately once new update will release.
You can report the bugs by sending us an email via contact us page or visit directly Nutaku's official website for reports and requests.
Nutaku Games Developed this game. They have developed many other games like Kamihime Project, Dragon Providence, Booty Calls, Crush Crush, Sacred Sord Princes, Flower Knight Girl, Sex Airlines, Kunoichi Rush, BustyBiz, My Neighbor is a Yandere!? etc.
Yes, this game if completely safe to download and install for android devices. You can also download this Apk file and install on PC by using emulators.
Simply go to android phone's settings > applications. Select Project QT and click on uninstall. Wait for few seconds and you're done.
The QT Project Apk android is an online game.
In case, if the MOD version isn't working on your android device, just comment below with the device model you're using. We will try our best to solve your issues.
You'll get MENU MOD, One Hit and Unlimited Skill for free.
All you need to do is just download and install Project QT Mod Apk from the link in your Android device. You'll get Unlimited Coins and gems while playing the game.
Yes, you need to use Emulator in order to install this game on your computer system.
Now you can play with Beautiful Girls, get unlimited everything, one hit kill, amazing sound quality, Stunning HD Graphics and No ads at all.

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