Membership Pricing

Playing your favorite adult games on the Nutaku platform is completely free. Want’s to know the Membership Pricing of Nutaku Games? You can download a variety of browser or mobile games for free, like Warrior Princess Azusa from Inspirit (which is only available to Mobile users). There are some advantages to being a member – for example, you have access to downloading premium downloadable games without ads or are able to view CG feeds without interruptions for no cost at all. Members can also earn gold that they can use in other game purchases. Don’t forget to download the Project QT MOD APK for android.

Nutaku Membership Pricing

nutaku membership pricing

To get started with Nutaku, you will receive 100 Gold (that is $1) when you first register and the more Gold you accrue it the more discounts you receive. As a bonus, buying Gold gives back 10% to game developers. Downloadable PC/Mac versions of games usually cost between $1 and $45 each as a one-time purchase, with non-DRM versions allowing unlimited downloads while DRM-protected versions allow up to 5 devices with unlimited downloads per purchase.