What is Nutaku?

Do you like playing Nutaku games and wants to know what is Nutaku actually? Let’s get some real facts about this company that where it is located, how many people use their apps and some premium mod features.

What is Nutaku?

Nutaku is an adult game platform that focuses mainly on browser, downloadable, and mobile games with a focus on hentai games. They also offer a wide selection of translated Japanese erotic games. It’s located in Canada and provides microtransactions and buyable options as well as claiming to have the most translated English adult games. Nutaku company developed so many smartphone games including the most famous Project QT MOD Apk for android.

what is nutaku

Where is Nutaku Based?

Nutaku, a gaming platform that features adult games located in Montréal and with around 60 million users registered since the company first started back in 2015, has this week earned itself a new achievement after it was announced that the number of 15 million registrants had been added during a three month period between January and March this year.

How many People Play Nutaku Games?

Currently, trends are indicating that there are 45 million registered players on Nutaku. It boasts over 400 games and has a monthly traffic of more than 128 million users. Enjoy latest and updated Project QT Gift Codes and get free gems, coins and events.

Features of Nutaku

One stand-out feature from Nutaku is their news blog sprinkled with events for all their games. These days cover anything from new skins and clothing, special locations, winning more Gold to special events such as tournaments or cool events where you can win rare items! With the addition of this gold currency, you have the option to buy items, upgrades and even other games by using gold they grant you while playing the game itself!